Our programs focus on un-reached, Isolated, underprivileged children, young adults and the elderly. You will spend most of your time in rural communities; however, you may spend some time in Kampala occasionally. Below are a few examples of the areas you may serve in. If you have a particular area of interest please let the volunteer coordinator know and we can try to use your skills in these areas.

Home Visits

You will visit homes, offer encouragement and prayer, deliver food to the elderly, deliver water, distribute clothing, and more! You will have the opportunity to create deep and fulfilling relationship with community.

Construction Projects

You’ll have opportunities to participate in construction missions in the village. Construction projects have included building new homes for the most vulnerable children in our sponsorship program, providing livestock and building shelters for goats, chickens, and cows that will provide families in the village with some income.

Sample Weekly Schedule

Do crafts and games with community kids.

Teach Computer to Kids in poor communities

Do VBS in Schools G 3 – G6 and Evangelism