During the different outreaches people are given opportunity to receive Jesus and does who make a commitment are invited for a beginners class.

Follow Up

Each person in the ministry data base receives 3 follow up phone calls in the first month. The first call is to create a relationship with the ministry. The second call is a check up and the third call is an invite to the township to come hear more about Jesus. In the first week of every month new believers and does who want to learn more about Jesus assemble at the township for a fun event.

The LF Beginner’s Class

The class equips believer in biblical principles. Believers have the opportunity to develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Discover their passion and how they fit in God’s plan to redeem for the world. The training is done in phases and lasts for 2 or 3 weeks.

Seminar Phase

  • Share personal life stories as a Christian
  • Share new truth, what is destroyed and
    build at the time of salvation.
  • support them to create habits of a
    Christian life

Outreach Phase

  • Launch into evangelism in small groups.
  • Connect them to purpose
  • Provide ministry opportunities within own community
  • Release to local church to do ministry

Release to do ministry

  • Conduct pastor’s training for receiving churches
  • Introduce members to a church
  • Regularly follow up and give support within existing church leadership structure

Mobile Bible School

Less than 10 percent of local Ugandan preachers in rural areas have received formal Biblical training ,This lack of training leaves most of Pastors poorly equipped to lead and disciple their existing congregations. Most of them love to attend the Bible college training but cannot due to lack of funds and language barrier.

Free Mobile ICT Skills for Pastors

Printed bible literature in Uganda is too expensive. so many Pastors can not access it. we teach them ICT skills to open them up to the internet where they access soft copies of Christian literature at a free cost. We also teach pastors to use computer technology in areas such as; administration, finance, communications, multimedia presentations for worship, preaching. and also expose some pastors to simple congregation Management Software (CMS).

Free Pastors In-service Training

Different Pastors’ unions also assemble at the township for a quarterly bible teachers’ training, they love My Sword bible software because they get to search the meaning of words in the bible condolence, see commentaries from several bible scholars. The training is full of interactions with great resource and self teaching. The pastors have a goal which is to complete the partners’ curriculum; this is the requirement to become a receiving church for graduates of the beginner’s class.

Mobile School of Ministry

Our mobile School of ministry brings bible trainings closer to the local communities. The training is down in local a language. It is free and happens on weekends. This allows our students to continue with their day to day responsibilities to their families, communities and churches while they complete their training. the training takes just 11 months. a certificate is awarded to individual who successful complete the training