Our Story

Legacy Footfalls (LF) was founded in 2017 and registered in the republic of Uganda in 2018, by Aron Barigye and Benon Katumwa. Benon was born into a family as a third generation kid in the vicious cycle of poverty. Orphaned at the age twelve, Benon lived a life of despair until he was taken in by a Christian family and taught the good news of Jesus.

Salvation & ICT Skills

When Benon accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, his life turned around. He later graduated from college with a degree in computer science and served his local community in the areas of education, health, entrepreneurship and missions. Benon owes his radical transformation to two things: salvation and the opportunities provided by Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools.

A gift that keeps on giving

In 2017 Benon launched LF with a mission to share the gift of Salvation and ICT digital skills education with Uganda’s under privileged children and communities.

A step of faith

God has taken Aron and I on a incredible journey from the slum of Kampala, to the blessing of being discipled, to entrusting a vision with us to win million of souls. 

I invite you to come be apart of this journey and see how God will use you to bring many to Himself.


Benon and Aron