LF 3 Phase Sustainability Plan

Step One

LF comes in a community and identifies community partners: local churches, schools, community governing bodies and potential synergism present in the community. Partners assist to identify young adults in the community with interest in learning computers and doing mission work.

Step Two

The young adults complete a trainer course and become LF volunteers. the volunteers work with LF specialists to implement the project in their community. as they continue to take lessons in christian leadership, ICT and innovation leading to a dual certification in ICT education and Christian Leadership. The placement takes 12 months to complete.

Step Three

During the project life cycle LF works with community partners to set up a modern discipleship and ICT training center. Outstanding alumini of the ICT and leadership placement program are prepared to take on full leadership of the program on exit. The Alumni use the center to continue the project. the project is at this point governed by community partners and local leadership.