How we take the good news of Jesus to lost souls

Children Bible Programs

We do relational evangelism in schools where we teach ICT skills. The program begins with prayer, praise and worship, a bible story, and an alter call at the end. The bio data of those students who make a decision to f o l l o w Christ is captured in the ministry database and a mentor assigned to them at the next visit.

Open Air Preaching

This takes the form of street preaching, or mega outdoor gatherings where hundreds of community members come together and a traveling evangelist is invited to preach the Word of God. The LF team handles street preaching and partners with local churches to set up the mega outdoor meetings and does follow-up work and discipleship and plants the new belivers in a local church near them.

Home visit and Door to door

We take church to the sick and elderly during home visits. And Evangelists on the other hand move door to door working in teams of two. One member carries a Bible track that has the plan of Salvation on it and the other carries a follow-up form. The follow-up form captures bio data for each person visited. and entered in the ministry database for follow up.

Online Radio outreach

This is a digital audio service transmitted via the Internet, the end user are able to listen in through a website link or App. The online radio ministry is 3 fold; Breaks boundaries of our geographical reach, gives opportunity for young people to express themselves on matters affecting their community and grows Christian media talent in our community. we make an alter call in every show.